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The Bachelorette Week 9: Fantasy Suites

The remaining three guys head to Thailand for the fantasy suites. Becca starts by saying how she is in love with two men and falling in love with another. It’s pretty clear here who those guys she’s in love with are which we will get to in this recap.

Blake’s Date

Blake is the first of the three guys Becca may or may not sleep with this week. Before they get to that though, they head to a sacred mountain for their date. As they hike in the mountain they aren’t able to touch at all. This will for sure build up tension for the fantasy suites later. At the top they meet some.monks and mediatate with them. It actually seems super relaxing.

They head to the dinner portion of their date and Blake starts to spiral again. He says he knows she must be feeling things with the other guys and keeps dwelling on it. Becca does invite him to the fantasy suites which does brighten him up a bit. I mean he’s probably gonna have sex with Becca so spiraling even more at this point won’t be hot.

The next morning Blake is very emotional. He’s scared he won’t be able to wake up next to Becca again. Becca heads off to hook up with her next man.

Jason’s Date

The next date goes to Jason and consist of the typical walk around exploring date. As I mentioned before these dates are my favorite because you can see the couple interacting with each other in a normal way. They stop to eat some crickets and visit a temple. On the way out of the temple Becca makes a comment about her and Jason having the decorations in their house. Immediatly after she starts freaking out. She admits to the camera that even joking about her future with Jason makes her realize that she doesn’t see a future with him. Jason patiently waits for Becca to stop freaking out and sits alone for a while as Becca is crying to her producer.

We skip to the night portion of the date and Jason tells Becca how much he likes and loves her and Becca just looks confused

“Where’s your head at?” he asks her.

Becca leaves the table and cries again about not being in love with Jason and tells him she has to send him home. He leaves with “I came in rooting for your happiness and I’ll always be rooting for your happiness”. If he isn’t the Bachelor after this I have no idea who will be.

Garrett’s Date

Last but not least is Garrett. Him and Becca head to a river and do some bamboo rafting. As they head down the river they notice tons of people and elephants around the water. Apparently it’s a Thailand holiday that involves the river so everyone is out. Of course the producers knew this but probably didn’t tell Becca so they could mess with her one last time.

I zoned out on the rest of the day portion and in the evening portion Becca keeps saying they are in Thailand as if Garrett doesn’t know.

Garrett’s says he would move for Becca and loves her which gets Becca all types of giddy. Becca immediatly gives him the fantasy suites card and drags him into their overnight tent. The next morning the cameras are hovering over their bed and you can tell that those two probably banged. They way she was eyeing Garrett in the bed makes me really think she’s gonna choose him in the end. Ugh I don’t like him still.

More Jason and Rose Ceremony

Jason come back to talk to Becca. Of course she doesn’t take him back so he leaves her with a cute scrapbook and a “Talk to you soon”.

“The world needs more Jasons” Becca says after Jason walks away.

With Becca pretty much endorsing Jason as The Bachelor here, I fully expect him to get the gig.

The rose ceremony begins and obviously Jason is not there. Becca comes in looking fire and gives out her two roses. They make the typical toast and Garret says how good of a time he had with Becca last night. The look on Blake’s face and the awkwardness of this situation makes me laugh.

And there you have it the final two Blake and Garrett. Everyone knew this was coming but who will win? I’m honestly not sure which way she will go. Even though I want Blake to win, I feel like she’s going to choose Garrett. I guess we’ll see at the three hour finale!