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The Bachelorette Week 8: Hometowns

It’s time for hometown dates! This week, Becca meets her remaining four guy’s families and breaks and with one of them before Fantasy Suites. Let’s recap…

Garrett’s Hometown

We are whisked off to somewhere in Nevada to Garrett’s hometown. He literally reminds me of Chris Soules (the farmer bachelor) because he takes Becca farming to plant tomatoes. How are you farming in Nevada? I thought it was mostly desert. Anyway, Garrett yet again talks about his ex-wife and how she kept him away from his family. Of course, it’s possible for men to be emotionally abused but based on Garrett’s skewed social views, I still can’t 100% believe him when he keeps blaming his failed marriage on his ex-wife. If she really was as bad as he says that sucks but I’m not sure if we are getting the whole truth here.

They head to see Garrett’s family and man does Garrett look like a carbon copy of his dad. It’s weird. Garrett’s sister cries the whole time so I’m not sure what she was even saying. His mom is a bit scary and tells Becca straight up “I take my family seriously, very seriously”. I’m probably being judgy because I’m not a big Garrett fan but this family rubs me the wrong way.

Jason’s Hometown

Next up, Becca heads to Buffalo to meet with Jason and his family. This is by far my favorite hometown date this episode. They first head to a bar where they compete in a wing eating contest. Jason and Becca are so playful together while eating it’s cute. Afterward, they head to an ice hockey rink and skate around and ride the Zamboni. Jason calls Becca Beckster a lot during this part of the date which makes me like him a lot more.

We head to Jason’s house and meet his parents, brother, and brother in law. His brother looks exactly like Darren Criss from Glee. Jason’s mom admits she doesn’t know if Becca likes Jason as much as Jason likes her. She’s probably right but I also kind of hope she’s wrong. Before she leaves, Jason tells Becca he loves her.

Blake’s Hometown

Becca heads to Colorado for her last two dates. First she goes to Blake’s hometown. She starts the date by saying to the viewers that she is in love with Blake but hasn’t told him yet. They head to his high school which is an important part of his life 1) His mom worked there and had an affair with his coach and 2) He was a victim of a school shooting.

I’m honestly surprised they let Blake share this with all that’s going on in the world. It’s also ironic that we have Blake who was a victim of a school shooting and Garrett who thinks school shooting victims are crisis actors in the top spots right now. I love how raw this talk is with Becca though because you rarely get these types of talks on this franchise.

Lastly, Blake surprised Becca with her favorite singer Betty Who (who?) and she is shocked. Blake really likes Becca and I hope he wins the whole thing.

I don’t remember much of the talk with his family besides his mom’s big hair, sorry. But I love Blake. B&B forever!

Colton’s Hometown

The last date of the week is with Colton. They go to a children’s hospital where Colton volunteers. They play with two super cute kids and of course, the whole scene is adorable. Before they head to his house, Colton says he has never brought a girl home. I just saw a pic of him with Aly Raismen with his family during Christmas so he is lying which is annoying. When Becca talks to Colton’s dad, his dad evens mentions Tia. This whole situation makes me upset. Colton tells Becca he loves her which I think is a lie but who knows.

“Girl Chat”

Becca brings in her girls from last season again to gush over her guys. This is obviously so fake because this has never happened on another season and they just wanted to cause Tia drama yet again. Tia pulls Becca away and says she feels sick that Becca is still with Colton. I’m not sure why she waited five weeks to say this when she had her chance at the beginning of the season. Becca is shocked and really doesn’t say much while pretending to ponder her decision.

Rose Ceremony

Before the rose ceremony, Colton has an awkward chat with Chris Harrison about what goes down in the fantasy suite. Why this was necessary I’m not sure because no one is going to force you to have sex in the fantasy suite. It doesn’t matter anyway because Colton got sent home which was super obvious to me. Becca pretends Tia had nothing to do with it but I don’t think that’s completely true.

Well, that leaves Jason, Garrett and Blake as the final three and they will potentially have the chance to spend the night with Becca. Let’s see if next week she spends the night with all three guys or if anyone will get cut early. See ya!