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The Bachelorette Week 6: Virginia is for Lovers

Welcome to Virginia! This week Becca and the remaining 8 contestants head to Richmond, VA. I was excited about this episode because I live about an hour and change from Richmond and have been there several times for work. I was glad my area was deemed “Bachelor worthy” and was interested to see what types of dates they would do. After Becca walks around for a while repeating “Virginia is for Lovers” over and over she sits down with Chris Harrison and swoons over her remaining men. She talks about how she is falling in love and is ready for her husband and babies. I guess Virginia is getting Becca feeling some typa way.

One-on-One With Jason

The first one-on-one date goes to Jason. Jason is the cool, calm and collected version of that kid from 10 Things I Hate About You. Becca has claimed that she has a big crush on him even though she forgot his name a few weeks ago. I do feel like Becca is really connecting with Jason though and would not be surprised if he makes it to F4 or F3.

Of course, as soon as Jason gets the date, Chris starts bitchin about how he wants a one-on-one or two-on-one with Becca. He gets into an argument with Lincoln after Lincoln questions why he would want a two-on-one. I can’t follow their argument and after a while and start to get pissed off. These two need to gtfo.

Jason and Becca walk around Richmond to a church, a donut shop and a gothic “Unhappy Hour” party. They took the normally cute “walk around town” date and made it a little weird. There’s a lot of things they could have done that didn’t involve sitting in an empty church and partying with goth kids. I’m very disappointed with how they are portraying my state. I mean it’s nothing crazy special but y’all could’ve picked anything else.

Jason and Becca then head to a bar where Becca surprises Jason with three of his good friends. Jason is shocked and starts to get a little teary. The little bromance reunion is pretty cute. After weeks of watching David and Jordan argue then Chris and Lincoln argue, I know Jason is beyond thankful to see some normalcy. Becca and Jason talk about how much they like each other to Jason’s friends and the producers tell Jason’s friends to act like falling head over heels for a person you’ve known for six weeks who’s dating seven other men is normal.

At the dinner, Jason opens up about his Grandmother’s Alzheimers. As many times as contestants have opened up to the lead, I have never felt more emotion in a conversation than Jason’s. He just sounds so pure and sweet and where has he been hiding for the past 5 weeks? Jason gets the rose and the date concludes with him and Becca making out on a clock tower.

Beccaelection Group Date

The next date goes to Colton, Garrett, WIlls, Connor, Blake, Lincoln and Chris meaning Leo gets the one-on-one. The guys head to a government building and meet the cosplay versions of George Washington and Abe Lincoln. They find out that their date today is a good old fashion debate for Becca. #Beccaelection2018

Of course, Chris uses this opportunity to talk shit about the other guys and causes a scene in front of the random people watching and the mayor (yes, the mayor came to this). Lincoln once again starts arguing with Chris on stage leaving Becca and the remaining men super annoyed.

The after part of the group date begins. Of course Lincoln talks about Chris during his time with Becca and of course Chris interrupts. Becca asks why the guys are saying he is verbally abusive and Chris dodges all her questions. Garrett interrupts Chris and Becca’s banter and even though I’m still not sold on Garrett, I’m so glad he came in. Becca is so speechless from the day’s events that she tells Garrett she needs a few minutes alone.

While Becca tries not to pull her hair out, Chris brings up to Connor that he heard Connor wanted to switch rooms so he wouldn’t be his roommate. Apparently, Connor never said this and Lincoln is spreading lies. Queue Lincoln and Chris arguing yet again. All the other guys are like how do I get out of here.

Garrett gets his time with Becca and reads her his closing statement which seems to help calm Becca down. She spends time with Colton and Wills, and Wills says he is falling in love with Becca. Pretty sure Becca is not on the same page so #WillsforBachelor. Surprisingly Colton gets the group date rose even though only 30 seconds of his time with Becca was shown. I guess Becca likes him more than I can tell.

Friend Zone Date with Leo

It’s time for Leo and Becca’s date, and they take a plane ride around Virginia. I actually think I heard their plane a couple months ago (just kidding). Becca and Leo barely talk because Becca is still in her head from the group date yet again. Leo seems to calm Becca down a bit, and they head out to shuck oysters. They kiss in their boat and drive away. You can tell this date is just for show, even when they kiss it’s not as passionate as some of the other guys. Leo seems great, but he is still in the friend zone for sure. At dinner, Leo and Becca talk about family. I was so sure Becca was going to send Leo home here because their connection is not that strong, but surprisingly he gets the rose and gets taken to another random concert.

Back at the hotel, we get creepy music, a close up on Chris writing something and Connor and Jason talking about how weird Chris got. The producers truly got their villain edit this season. It seriously looks like Chris is writing a hit list. As soon as Leo comes back from his date, Chris dashes out the door to Becca’s hotel room.

Yet again Chris tries and fails to apologize to Becca for his craziness. Becca says she sees too many red flags with Chris and queues the “you gotta leave” speech. Becca asks Chris if she can walk him out and he says no. Becca said she’ll do it anyway cause it what he deserves. If you have to say that, then he doesn’t deserve it. Chris leaves on a bitter note but turns out he is coming to Paradise so let’s hope he redeems himself.

The rose ceremony begins and Colton, Jason, and Leo have roses. Yet again Chris Harrison comes through to say that there is no rose ceremony. The remaining three roses go to Garrett, Blake and Wills. Thank God Lincoln is gone. Go home and poop on your floor and try not to fall off the edge of the Earth. There are six guys left and they finally get to go somewhere exciting -the Bahamas. Next week is when things start to get serious as it’s the week before hometowns. Who will get to bring Becca home to their mom and pop? Come back soon for my Week 7 update to see.