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The Bachelorette Week 3: Massages, Football & Music

The show opened up with David the chicken hating on Jordan once again and it’s clear that a little rivalry is in the works. Chris Harrison comes in with the date card. The first date goes to Jason, Jordan, David, Jean Blanc and Colton. As shown in last week’s trailer, we know this date is going to have an appearance by Tia, Becca’s friend who dated Colton right before the show.


Spa Date w/ The Girls

We switch scenes to Becca preparing for her date when we hear a knock on the door. In come in Becca’s “girls” from Arie’s season and by girls I mean her fellow castmates that the producers are trying to pass off as Becca’s BFFs.

The guys enter the spa and see Becca and her friends and we get a close up of Colton seeing Tia, and he looks scared as hell. Becca tells the guys that the spa day is not for them but instead for her and her friends and the guys must pamper them.

The guys spend the day trying to woo Becca and her friends while trying to get as much time with Becca, except Colton who is surprisingly spending a lot of time around Tia.

Becca then grabs Tia to talk about her Colton situation to make sure Colton wasn’t trying to get with Tia. Tia claims they only dated for a little bit and just kissed. They stopped talking once he left for the show. For some reason, Becca takes this reason as legit and hugs it out with Tia. I think Tia and Colton lowkey like each other and Becca should’ve let Tia leave with him but whatever. There’s a strong chance Tia and Colton will meet up in Paradise in a few months anyway.

The girls leave and the evening portion begins. Becca admits that she forgot Jason’s name which I found funny. I’m sure this happens with many other leads, but this is the first time I’ve heard this from one of them. She says even though she forgot his name she has a crush on him. Likely story Becca, we all know that he is going to be sent home in the next two weeks.

While Becca is talking to the other guys, we go back to Jordan and David’s little rivalry. Someone gets Jordan to talk about how he got 4,000 Tinder matches in 2017 and how he has a 100% match rate.

Sure Jan.

David decides to use this information to snitch to Becca. I think every week so far there has been someone telling on someone else and it’s getting a little old. You can tell Becca is getting annoyed by this and when she comes out she sarcastically says “4,000 Tinder matches? High five bud.” to Jordan.


If the girl you are trying to get calls you bud and finds out about your extensive Tinder activity, you should know it ain’t gonna happen.

Jordan gets super pissed at David and gives him a speech about David needing not to be obsessed with him. You can see the other guys on the couch were just like “Oh my Gawd, shut up”.

Jordan confronts Becca and tries to apologize. Becca says she was joking, but I know she was annoyed. Jordan blames all this on the fact that he’s a model. When Becca asks how Jordan is as a boyfriend, he says he’s like a golden retriever. After that, he instantly starts looking like a dog. I can’t unsee it now. David and Jordan argue some more and Jordan begins to give David some model glares. Meanwhile, Jason and Wills practically shit themselves trying not to laugh at them.

Colton and Becca talk yet again about the Tia situation. Colton manages to convince Becca he is here for her and not the Instagram followers. Because of this, he gets the group date rose. I like Colton and everything, but I think he rather be with Tia and I’m not sure why Becca won’t send him packing.


One-on-one with Chris

Chris gets the one-on-one. I’m so excited cause Chris has been one of my favs since the choir entrance. I feel like not many people care for him, but I hope he ends up in the Top 4 and if he doesn’t win he better be on Paradise.

Chris and Becca head to their one-on-one. They end up at Capitol Records a recording studio. They walk in on Richard Marks who I thought I didn’t know, but once he started singing, I realized I knew the song: Right Here Waiting For You. He tells them he is going to make them write a love song. Chris looks like he is going to throw up. Chris starts to freak out but calms down once he talks to Becca. When Chris read his love song (poem), he got 10x more dreamy. Rick combines what they both wrote into a cute little ballad while Chris and Becca make out.

Trump and Kim

For some reason, ABC decides to interrupt the show with a fifteen minute brief on Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump shaking hands to try and make peace. I get this is a newsworthy story, but no one who is watching The Bachelorette cares about that. Eventually, we get back to Chris and Becca’s date

One-on-one with Chris Cont.

Chris and Becca head to the dinner portion of their date and Chris looks fly in his grey suit and so does Becca in her dress. Chris opens up about how he wrote a letter to his dad who left his family, and his dad didn’t reply. This was the reason he was freaking out about writing the song earlier during their date. Poor guy, and wow the bachelor producers must have dug deep to put him on that one-on-one date. He gets the rose. Yay yay yay! Okay, Chris is officially my favorite. They go to a ballroom where Rick appears once again to sing and watch them make out.

No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

Back at the mansion, we see emergency personnel carrying out David on a stretcher. Woah did I miss something?? Apparently, the guys get up to David on the ground covered in blood. Yo, what? Did Jordan finally have enough of David’s snitching and pop him in the face?

Chris Harrison goes to Becca’s room and we know something is up. He tells Becca that David was taken to the hospital. Becca, even though concerned tries to remember which guy is David. “Oh yeah, the chicken,” she thinks as she looks shocked at the news. Chris, the dramatic that he is, slowly reveals that David fell out of bed and fell on his face. Becca is clearly confused here but calls to check up on David who sounds peppier than ever (probably from the painkillers). Luckily they say he is going to be okay.

Football Time

Clay, Leo, Christion, Ryan, John, Mike, Lincoln, Connor, Blake & Garrett get chosen for the second group date which they find out to be football.

The second group date starts and the guys head to a football field. Two women from the Legends football league (which is apparently the new name for Lingerie Football League) come out to help train and prepare the guys for their game. Clay is clearly a standout in this game having played pro football and it’s starting to attract Becca. The game goes like every other Bachelor/Bachelorette game where the two teams tie at the end. Clay leads his team to victory but somehow manages to get hurt and goes to the hospital. Two hospital visits in one week? That’s some good TV for ABC.

During the post date cocktail hour, Blake begins to get insecure after having the first one-on-one date. He tells this to Becca and during their conversation manages to call her his girlfriend. I mean I guess this is true but it’s a little weird to say that knowing she’s also the “girlfriend” of 20 other dudes.

Clay comes back in a cast and Becca immediately rushes to console him. Obviously attracted to his gentle giant turned football star, she gives Clay the group date rose. I guess that made his injury worthwhile.

Back at the mansion, the guys prepare for the cocktail party. Clay discusses with some other guys that he needs to get an operation on his wrist ASAP or he won’t be able to play football. He goes to tell Becca this and even though he outwardly expresses his desire to stay, he knows he’s not going to risk his career for a girl who is not going to pick him at the end. He decides to leave and Becca watches sadly as he walks off into the night. Even though I knew Clay wouldn’t win, it’s sad to see him go so early. I hope he heals in time for Paradise.

Unfortunately, The Bachelor did not give us a rose ceremony this week and instead showed us a preview of David coming back, but blurred out his face. Since the ending was lame this week, I’ll leave you all with my current favorites that are left.

Jean Blanc
Colton (kinda).

Come back next week for Week 4!