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The Bachelorette Week 2: The First Dates

Now that we got all the limo entrances out of the way, it’s time for the real meat of the show: the dates!

Chris Harrison comes in and gives his first date spiel and drops the first date card.

The first date is a group date and goes to Clay, Nick, Chris R, David, Jean Blanc, Jordan, Connor, and Lincoln. The guys head to what looks like a ranch and Becca greets them by telling them she wants to pamper them. She brings them in a cabin like house and makes them change into tuxedos. Becca pretends to cover her eyes, but we all know she is enjoying the view. Jordan, of course, takes this opportunity to try and teach Becca some modeling skills since he has to plug that he’s a model every chance he gets.

They head outside into a big field that has a huge, muddy obstacle course with our most recent Bachelorette couple Rachel and Bryan standing next to it. I’ll have to admit that initially I was team Peter and wasn’t a fan of Bryan, but after a year of seeing their cute Instagram pics, I have to say I’m beginning to ship them.

The obstacle course consisted of the guys having to run with a literal ball and chain, soak in a cold bucket of water, crawl through some mud and eat through wedding cakes for a giant wedding ring to give to Becca.

Rachel being the awesome Bachelorette that she is uses this opportunity to say “What that mouth do?!”. She’s seriously the best.

The contest starts and all the guys run with the ball and chain then jump in the freezing water. They all have to wait for a timer to run out before they could continue. Lincoln got in the water a little after most of the other guys but somehow managed to be the first one out. Something doesn’t seem right, and the guys noticed. Lincoln stayed ahead of the crowd and even though David the chicken came in close, Lincoln got the ring and the winning kiss from Becca. Many of the other guys were pretty salty seeing Lincoln cheat his way into some extra time with Becca, and who wouldn’t be? Not cool Lincoln, you’re losing points with me.

Heading into the group session, Lincoln steals Becca away first, and she gives him a framed photo that they took after he won the obstacle course. Lincoln decides to continue to shove this in the other guys faces by talking about his “win” the rest of the night. This starts to annoy some of the men especially Connor. After a little too much bragging, Connor decides to take the photo and throw it in the pool. Now even though I agree Lincoln was doing the most, that wasn’t the best idea Connor. And what way to stir up more drama than to have Lincoln cry to Becca about this. He actually does cry, and his acting skills are pretty impressive. Of course, Becca pulls Connor away to reprimand him like a parent instead of having a productive conversation with him. I feel bad for Becca; it’s only week two and guys are snitching on each other left and right.

Becca then goes to talk to Jean Blanc and based on the romantic music playing in the background, it’s clear he is going to get the group date rose, and he does.

Side note: I’ve been hearing a lot about how people don’t eat on the dates because it’s noisy in the mics but I totally saw Chris eat a chip, just saying.

Back at the mansion, the first one-on-one date card arrives. It goes to Blake, the guy who brought the horse and the ox. I’m excited to see him get the first one-on-one because he seemed like he could be a really sweet guy who clearly likes his animals.

It turns out both Blake and Becca weren’t sure what this date was going to be. They pull up in their limo to a run down area with Chris Harrison standing there with a sledgehammer. This looks interesting…

Becca and Blake put on cute construction onesies and head inside a warehouse where we see things like a racecar, a couch, and some random date props. Then we see a stack of TVs replaying Arie’s proposal to Becca. It seems like the producers really wanted to squeeze all they could out of the Arie breakup, so they decided to set up replicas of Becca and Arie’s dates. They even included the random couch he broke up with her on. I don’t know if I should clap for the producers or cringe.

All of a sudden we hear a voice say “It’s time to get crazy!” Becca and Blake turn around to see Lil Jon in a DJ booth. He starts playing his famous Turn Down for What while Becca and Blake use sledgehammers to break everything. This date looks super fun and the production was amazing. The music and the slow-mo made me want to find the closest warehouse to smash stuff in. I do hope this is the last time they bring up Arie though, but I highly doubt it.

Then comes the romantic part of the date. I don’t remember all that was said but Becca and Blake look sooo cute together. I mean even their names flow. They kiss a bit, and he gets the date rose. As the walk outside the building, Becca pins Blake to the wall and makes out with him some more. I think sparks are flying.

Back at the mansion, the last date card comes and Garrett, Ricky, John, Ryan, Alex, Chris, Trent, Leo, Wills and, Colton are on it. That leaves Jason and Mike without dates. In all honesty, I still don’t know who they are so too bad so sad.

The second group date crew heads to a school gym and meet three young kids dressed in gym gear. The kids say they are training them for the dodgeball tournament and make the guys run around the gym a bunch. Who are these kids parents and why did they decide the Bachelorette was the place for their kid’s big break?

The date the moves to Skyzone where the guys play a best of three dodgeball tournament narrated by none other than Chris Harrison. They all low key suck except Leo who starts doing flips around his team’s side.

The post date cocktail hour commences and Garrett is the first to talk to Becca. I still can’t trust him after his Instagram scandal so it’s a bit hard watching him become the frontrunner of the show so far.

Colton says he has something to tell Becca. The viewers think it’s going to be him being a virgin since that was shown in the super preview. We are surprised to find out that Colton actually dated one of Becca’s fellow contestants and friend Tia back in January. When Becca is told this it is clear she is shook. I don’t blame her. It’s a little sketch that Colton dated someone from the Bachelor right before he was set to go on the show. Becca says she’s going to be sick and sends Colton away. The group date ends with Wills getting the group date rose. I see Becca likes her chocolate men. I’ve never seen this many non-white contestants get attention in one episode. Props to Becca and the show for getting more diverse.

It’s time for the Cocktail Party!

Becca comes in a little more emotional than she should be for such an early week. Clay tries to take her mind off of it by teaching her a cute football dance that ends in a kiss. I thought that was kind of smooth for the sensitive guy.

Jordan takes the party as an opportunity to strip down to his undies and walk around the house. I wonder if he’s just trying to get modeling endorsements at this point.

Becca and Colton talk again and Becca straight up says I can’t invest in you if you aren’t here for me. She says she feels like she should send him home.

The rose ceremony starts. Wills, Blake and Jean Blanc have roses already. The rest go to:

Chris R
and last but not least Colton.

I’m not sure who the three guys are that go home but one guy Alex cries for almost five straight minutes and I almost feel bad. You’ll be fine Alex; you’ll probably have a few hundred more social media followers when you get home.

They show a teaser for next week and it looks like Becca’s girls from Arie’s season will be there including Tia. I guess we’ll see about the Colton and Tia situation then. I hope it’s juicy. Until next week guys!