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The Bachelorette Week 10: The Final Rose

The last stop on Becca’s journey to find love is the Maldives. I don’t know where they Maldives are but it looks beautiful. The first order of business before Becca chooses her husband is for her final two guys to meet her family.

Garrett Meets the Parents

Garrett meets the family first and talks with Becca’s uncle and sister. He gets really emotional when talking about how he loves Becca and Uncle Kufrin is falling for it. When Becca asks her sister for her opinion she says he’s fabulous and is on board with him. I doubt her sister has seen the insta likes though. Anyway not much else happened besides the family and Garret crying over feelings together.

Blake Meets the Parents

Blake gets the short end of the stick and meets Becca’s family last. So most of his time is consisted of being compared to Garrett and getting questioned about what would he do if Becca breaks up with him.

Becca’s sister goes hard asking the important questions. Blakes answers all her question perfectly and quickly turns the sister into #TeamBlake.

She hints this to Becca and Becca starts crying. It’s clear Becca isn’t crying because she’s stressed about her decision but rather because she wants to pick Garrett but her family is leaning towards Blake.

When Blake leaves Becca acts super awkward, pretty much confirming she is having doubts about Blake considering she was over the moon with Garrett’s visit.

Blake even says “She’s gonna pick Garrett” and cries.

Garrett’s Date

Garrett gets one of the cliche Bachelor dates for his potential final day with Becca— a boat ride. They see some dolphins and jump off the boat and swim to the equator. That’s actually pretty cool to be honest. Garret gushes over how much he loves Becca and how confident he is feeling.

Blake better get a good date because this date was cute af.

At the dinner portion of the date, they gush even more. They talk about Garrett snoring a bunch and how Garret loves how Becca says the word bag. Garrett says he is willing to be devasted at the end if she’s happy. That’s sweet, I hope he is devasted. #TeamBlake

Blake’s Date

For Blake’s date, him and Becca bike around the Maldives and do some paddleboarding. They look like they are having a good time but Becca doesn’t seem as in it as she was for the date with Garret.

Becca talks about her difficulties with Blake yet again. This is annoying me because she seemed super happy with Garrett on their date but got all serious with Blake. They make out in the water and it’s amazing, but clearly Becca is just going through the motions at this point.

Becca heads over to Blake’s little house and they talk some more. Blake made Becca a time capsule of pictures and stuff from their time together. (He totally copied Jason’s idea but it’s okay). Becca says she can see herself saying she loves Blake at the end.

Can you Becca?

The Final Rose

Becca reads a note from her sister as she ponders her decsion. The all powerful Neil Lane comes to the guys to let them pick out rings for Becca. I don’t know why I always laugh when I see him. It’s probably because most of his rings have lead to break ups yet he keeps coming back. I guess somehow he is still making business off this show.

Blake steps out the boat first and I’m already grabbing tissues. Becca lets him say his whole damn speech then has the nerve to say, “I imagined it being you here proposing since the beginning but I love Garrett sorry”. Luckily I wasn’t surprised so I was able to prepare for the letdown.

They then show Blake on the After the Final Rose stage. Why torture this poor soul more?

Becca comes out and talks to Blake and Blake tries to get answers but Becca avoids answering. I think Becca thinks Blake is lowkey too emotional, she tried not to say that but she kinda did. She said she was scared of how Blake would handle hard situations. Ok take a potential bigot over an emotional guy, whatever floats your boat Becca.

They show Garrett walk up the long bridge towards Becca to get her final rose and propose. She finally says I love you and Garrett proposes and he gets the final rose. And they live happily ever after for now.

They show some of their happy couple weekend which is funny since that’s what they did before Arie broke up with Becca. They actually looked really happy. Even though I’m obviously not a big fan of Garrett, him and Becca did look cute together.

Finally on the after show they talk about the likes. Garrett makes a crafted apology again but does admit the things he liked goes against Becca’s beliefs but somehow she doesn’t care. If he grows good for him but I feel like you can’t change those types of beliefs in a matter of months. He also didn’t say that HE disagrees with those beliefs so who knows what he really thinks.

As the show wraps up Chris decides to gift Becca and Garret with a mini van. As Becca and Garrett ride away in their van you can catch a glimpse of an equality sticker on the back of the van.

Very smooth Chris Harrison, very smooth.

Well that’s the end of the Bachelorette. Keeping up with these recaps was hard but it’ll be cool to look back on this season. But now it’s time for Bachelor in Paradise!