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Bachelorette Week 7: Becca & The Boys in the Bahamas

The episode starts with Becca talking to Chris yet again about her relationships and feelings. This week there are 3 one-one-ones and a 3-on-1 group date.

Conch or No Conch?

The first one-on-one date goes to Colton and all the guys look mad, especially Blake who starts spiraling a bit this episode. Colton and Becca go on a boat and do a little Jack and Rose on the Titanic stuff while making out on a towel. Colton says he plans to use this date to drop the virgin bomb. He begins to tell Becca about his V card when a local Bahamian(?) rolls up on the boat and asks them if they want to go conch diving (great editing producers). Becca repeats the word conch multiple times before they actually go and catch some conches. They try the goo from the conches which are supposed to be an aphrodisiac but neither of them seemed turned on. It’s a good thing they don’t because Becca is about to learn that she will not be getting Colton’s conch anytime soon. Later in the evening Colton finally drops the ball (haha not literally though) on Becca about his virginity. Becca, obviously upset she can’t get that conch, takes a minute to compose herself. After she comes back and says it’s fine, she gives him a rose. Obviously,¬†she has to give him a rose or she’ll look like a bitch who’s only in this relationship for sex. This means she’ll be meeting Colton’s family next week for hometowns.

Island Date with Garrett

Garrett gets the next one-on-one date and heads out to meet Becca on a private plane to fly around the Bahamas in. They go to a private beach to play around and kiss. Garrett talks about his ex-wife a bit and how their relationship was not healthy. Nothing else interesting happens on this date and he gets the rose.

Baha Men with Blake

Up until this point, Blake has been spiraling about the fact that he hasn’t gotten a date with Becca yet. He finally gets the last one-on-one date and starts to relax a bit. Becca takes Blake to a beach party where none other than the Baha Men are singing. Finally, a group that people know, even if they haven’t been relevant since Who Let the Dogs Out. Blake busts out some interesting dance moves. I can’t tell if they are good or not. Blake talks a bit about his family and turns out his mom has an affair with his coach. Wow, Blake is spilling all the tea on his family, I wonder how they feel watching this. He also admits he is in love with Becca and Becca must agree somewhat because she asks him to tell her again. This plus being interested in his family drama prompts Becca to give Blake the rose.

After this, my cable box started to go out so I may have missed some important things between now and the end of the episode.

3-on-1 Group Date

Obviously, the group date goes to Leo, Jason and Wills. The three guys meet Becca at the beach where they play volleyball with her a bit before talking. Leo speaks to Becca first and it is clear to everyone that their connection is still on a friendship level so she says goodbye to him. Jason and Wills continue on to the next part of the date. She talks to Wills and he mentions how his parents are about to celebrate their 50th anniversary which confuses me because how old are his parents? Anyway, my cable caused me to miss a lot of this part of the episode but I come back in right when Becca gives Jason the last rose. Wills goes home heartbroken and for the first time this season I shed a tear. But no fear, Wills will be back in Paradise and hopefully will become the Bachelor. #WillsForBachelor2019

That’s all for this episode. Next week we get to meet Garrett, Blake, Jason and Colton’s families. And we get another dose of our girl Tia who is probably going to cry over not being able to date Colton. Only a few weeks left everyone, stay tuned.