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Bachelorette Week 4: Lumberjacking Bobsledders

So since we didn’t get a rose ceremony last week, this week started off with a continuation of the cocktail party followed by the week three rose ceremony. Where we last left off, David has just come back and the Bachelorette editors made it seem like his face was going to be complete trash. When David walked in, he just looked a little bruised, way better than you’d expect than someone who fell on their face. Jordan provides us with some commentary about how the God that he prays too sometimes hurts people that go against him, hence why David got injured.

I don’t think we believe in the same God Jordan.

Becca pulls David aside and decides to give him a premature rose so he can rest. In reality, she had an extra rose since Clay left, so decided why not give it to David. David was in the fact that he pissed off Jordan. ” I may not be a male model, but I have a rose bitch.” Those were his words, not mine.

Becca continues to talk to a few other guys including Blake and they talk about kids. Apparently, they want to have kids named Phoebe and Charlie. I can totally see them being parents together. If Blake does not win I’ll be upset, they are adorable together and he’s the only one who’s called Becca his girlfriend.

The rose ceremony starts and Colton, Chris and David have roses tonight. The rest of the roses go to Jason (wow she remembered his name), Wills, Nick, Christon, Lincoln, Blake, Garrett, Leo, John, Connor, Jordan & Jean Blanc.

For some reason, Nick decides to wear a tracksuit and I’m surprised no one in the episode was talking about this. Two guys who I don’t even remember end up going home. One with a man bun and one who plays the banjo I think.

Becca tells the guys that they are heading to Park City, Utah. Yay? I’ve never been to Utah, but it doesn’t sound like someplace you’d expect to go on the Bachelorette.

Bobsleds and Town Hopping with Garrett

We get to Park City and no date card was shown, but I guess Garrett was on it because Becca came and scooped him up for their date. They got the classic “walk around town” date. I like these dates because the couple actually looks normal and this is probably the closest you would get to a real first date. They take a bunch of pics on giant cameras because no phones allowed and run around stores like ten-year-olds.

Then they head to an Olympic field and meet up with Olympic bobsledders and Becca announces that they are going bobsledding. Garrett practically jumps into the air with excitement until he finds out the bobsledders helping them are lesbian. Everyone on Twitter was trying to catch Garrett’s expression when he found this out because as we know, Garrett may not be the most accepting person based on his social media history.

Later that night, Becca asks Garrett about his past relationships and finds out he was married. It turns out he dated his ex for a few years, but they only were married for two months. She ended up being emotionally abusive and Garrett was too in love to see it. Becca seems a little turned off about this marriage news but still gives him the rose. Personally, I liked that Garrett opened up about his failed marriage, it shows realness. Too bad he’s sketchy though because otherwise, he’d be in my Top 3.

Back at the house, we enter in on a conversation about Lincoln believing the Earth is flat. *facepalm* This guy is crazy. Not only does he think that but he also shits on the floor as has just been found to be a sex offender. Get him out of here Becca!

Lumberjack Bachelors

David, Nick, Christon, Lincoln, Blake, Garrett, Leo, John, Connor, Jordan, Jean Blanc get the group date which means Wills receives the one-on-one date.

The group date this week is all about being a lumberjack. The guys have to compete in a lumberjacking competition for Becca’s heart this time. Some of the guys are pretty good at chopping wood and throwing axes. Venmo John does surprisingly well by climbing a tree for his team to win. Becca awards him with the lumberjacking trophy. This episode is the most we’ve ever seen of John and I like him. He seems so chill and fun. He’s the perfect material for Paradise (*wink wink*).

During the evening portion, Becca pulls Jordan away and give him golden underwear. He walks around yet again in these which of course annoys some of the guys. *Cough* David *Cough*. Colton and Chris try to talk to Jordan about this but doesn’t give a shit about what other people say.

Jean Blanc who has been freaking out all week because he got the last rose at the rose ceremony is desperate for Becca’s attention. He pulls her away and gives her a signature perfume called “Becca Blanc.” Becca awkwardly pretends she likes the gift and Jean whispers in her ear for a kiss. Alright dude, you went from kind of likable to creepy af in .2 seconds. Becca pretty much runs off to grab someone who isn’t Jean to talk to. Jean doesn’t feel too good about his talk with Becca, so he steals her for a second time and decides to say he’s falling in love with her. Becca starts signaling for her producer to get her out of there.

She tells him she isn’t on the same page and he should leave. As he walks her out, Jean asks her about the gift. Lowkey he wanted it back but didn’t want to say that. Not a good look homeboy just go home! He then proceeds to tell her that he didn’t mean what he said about falling in love with her but he thought that’s what she wanted. “Excuse me?!” Becca starts turning red and gets pissed off. She storms back into the other guys and pretty much says, she is not to be played with and leaves. She clearly was getting Arie flashbacks and had to get some fresh air. No group date rose was given out.

Relaxing with Wills

It’s time for Wills one-one-one date ad Becca is still pretty shaken up by Jean Blanc. She tries hard to be all in with Wills, but you can tell she is only half in. Wills does a great job comforting her as they ride snowmobiles and cuddle on a mountain. He was super patient with her which is precisely what Becca needed. He gets the date rose and by the end of the night, you can tell Becca begins to feel better. I’m already team #WillsForBachelor.

Before the rose ceremony, Chris Harrison comes to tell the guys that there is no cocktail party. They head straight to the rose ceremony and Leo, Colton, Blake, Jason, Connor, Lincoln, John, Chris, David, and Jordan get roses. This leaves Christion and Nick to go home.

Becca says that they are heading to Las Vegas next week so that she be a bit more interesting than Utah. For now, I leave you with this Jordan quote:

“You can squeeze me and get everything out of me, but you’ll never know if you don’t try.”